Sources of Inspiration

Ideally, the only backstory you need to understand to make a character for this game will be found on this website. But, if you're curious about what inspired this game, and/or curious about what sort of themes you'll see in this game, you can look at the following creative works as sources for what inspired me:

- Chrono Trigger

- Terranigma

- Fallout 4

- Megatokyo

- Dragon Age (The original one)

- Half Minute Hero

- The Mass Effect Series

- Bastion

- The Night of the Rabbit

- FTL: Faster Than Light

- Undertale

- Braid

- Back to The Future (The Series)

- Going Postal (Discworld Book)

- The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde Book)

- Certain Dragonlance novels.

- A Swiftly Tilting Planet

- How To Live Safely In A Science Fiction Universe, a novel

- Stranger Things

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Sources of Inspiration

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