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If you're reading this, you are PROBABLY one of the players selected for the trail run of "These Gentle Flickering Candles", and are probably wondering what this game is all about. Let me give you a basic rundown:

"These Gentle Flickering Candles" is going to be a game where ethical choices and the decisions the players make are as important as their character build. This will, ideally, be a game where the impact that the characters have on the world around them grows exponentially the longer that they play. What starts as a struggle for survival will grow and grow until the struggle reaches its inevitable conclusion:

A struggle to determine the future of the world itself.

The gods are gone.

The world has grown cold and unforgiving.

Ancient secrets have been lost forever.

And the surviving peoples of the world huddle behind whatever protection they can find, hoping to survive for another night.

As the world grows cold, and the sun grows dim, a small band of soldiers in the service of The Last Dragon camp around a flickering campfire, trying to stay warm in the snow.

One of them looks into the fire and says something.

"This isn't how things were supposed to go."

This isn't how anything was supposed to go. The world went off the rails at some point in the past and has gone downhill ever since. It's up to the players to find their own hope. And if there's nothing to find, then it's up to the players to make it. As dark as this game sounds from the premise, understand that this isn't going to be a depressing, angst-riddled mess of a game. Rather, it's a game about second chances, turning back time, redemption, and realizing wasted potential. There will be moments of levity, I promise.

Mechanically, this will be a game where combat can be costly. Especially in the earlier chapters of the game healing magic will be rarer, and the most easily accessible versions of it work less efficiently. With less healing magic around, there's a lot more of a chance that combat turns out fatally. This is being done for several reasons, but one of the bigger ones is to encourage players to find other ways to resolve the problem. While combat will be a big part of this game, I want to reward players who look for creative solutions.  Surprising the DM when a situation might normally encourage them to reach for their sword will be rewarded.

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